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Iyanna Foundation is a girls and women’s development organization established to address challenges girls and women are facing in their communities, challenges that have life-altering effects on their personal, family, and community future. Challenges such as teen pregnancies, lack of meaningful economic prospects, limited mentorship and apprenticeship opportunities. The program is targeted at underprivileged girls and women in communities in the Arusha region and Tanzania.

Iyanna Foundation is a registered non-Governmental organization registered in Tanzania under the Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly, and Children-Community Development. The organizations’ activities are targeted at women and girls irrespective of ability, race, tribe, religious affiliation. 

The organization will be using different approaches such as community awareness, life, and social skills activities, counselling as a positive framework to mobilize and expose our target group essential skills that will help them to live a life of dignity, make the informed choice concerning their lives and become productive and women leaders in their respective communities.

Our Mission   

To empower women in Tanzania to achieve their full potential in life.

Our Vision 

Young women and girls are empowered and are participating and influencing their communities.


To provide safety and economic opportunities to out-of-school girls in the community.
Community awareness on attitude towards sex and health education among teenagers and youths.
To Promote Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics subjects to young girls in the community.