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My name is Gift Glory Nelson Mamuya I am a Tanzanian lady who was born in 1995 in Kilimanjaro Region. I have a Bachelor’s Degree from St. Augustine University of Tanzania in the Mwanza Region.

I have participated as a volunteer in different community projects and during this time, I have seen many challenges facing young girls’ especially teen pregnancies. For instance; teen pregnancies remains a major contributor to maternal and child mortality, pregnant girls also face health risks and complications due to their immature body, I have also observed that unplanned pregnancies in many countries where abortion is prohibited lead many to resort to unsafe practices which put the lives of many girls at risk.

Many girls drop out of school due to teen pregnancies and since they had a child out of wedlock, they face a lot of stigma, rejection and isolation, physical and emotional neglect, and abuse from their peers and parents. Having seen all this I was inspired to be part of the team at Iyanna foundation so that I can help be a catalyst of change to many girls by providing life skills, counsel and information that will prevent and protect girls from teen pregnancies.