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My name is Irene Joshua Ndossy, I am an Advocate Notary Public Commissioner for Oaths by profession currently working at the Arusha regional commissioner’s office. I am also involved as a Lawyer appointed in Tanzania to review some topics annually on the Sub-Saharan African Countries Laws through Konrad -Adenauer -Stiftung- (KAS) Germany Political Foundation, associated with the Christian Democratic Union of Germany. I am also, a member of the Employment and Labor Committee of Tanzania Red Cross Society (TRCS) and a Board Member of Chels Microfinance registered under the Bank of Tanzania.

In my career, I aspire to work with the underprivileged in the community. In 2016, some of my friends established a legal aid organization called FRAL (foundation for research and assistance in law) to help the most disadvantaged people in the community.

With my experience and working in the communities in Tanzania and the region, I decided to work with and support the Iyanna foundation as an advisor. This is because I believe that with the right information, young girls the main target group of Iyanna foundation who become victims of abuse and neglect in the society can be empowered to claim their rights enshrined in our constitution. In addition, by creating awareness in the community, we can empower our girls from disadvantaged communities to become champions in their lives and inspire both men and women to become good knowledgeable citizens