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My name is Ntambara Fiston, I am from Rwanda but now am a resident in Sweden. When I moved to settle in Jönköping city in Sweden in 2013, I experienced a different environment from the one came from in Rwanda, to be able to adjust in the new environment I started an after-school program for schoolchildren in the cities of Jönköping, Skillingaryd the program involved mainly sports and life skills activities. Through this experience, I learned that kids would always be open to share challenges they are going through when they are in a safe, relaxed and joyful environment.

I learned that, these interactions are a good opportunity to intervene and help a child with challenges they are going through such as bullying, school work etc. This experience and passion to help children reach their full potential made me join in and support the vision of Iyanna foundation team as an advisor. When we intervene early in the lives of young girls in Tanzania affected by teen pregnancies, which results in trauma and victimization from families and community, we help make the world a safe and better place.