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My name is Prisca Lema, I am the founder and the Executive Director of Iyanna foundation; I have a degree in leadership and governance attained from MSDC. My vision for the organization came as a result of my experience growing up as an orphan in Arusha going through difficulties in order to make a difference in her life and her siblings’ lives.

Based on the tough journey I went through which included neglect after her parents passed away, I learned to be an adult when I was yet a teenager, which is an experience, I would never wish on someone. Navigating teenage life with no real guidance and being lucky to have a few friends who saw something in me and decided to support me to finish my basic education with the hope that it will lift me to achieve my potential.

I got an opportunity to volunteer and work with the youth especially young girls. Through my personal experience and what I have seen girls and women go through just to make it in life; I got motivated to establish this organization. I want to contribute by giving girls and women from disadvantaged background a change to overcome obstacles in life the same way some people contribute to my life. I hope the organization will be able to change someone’s life for the better. You can read more about my personal life on the founders’ story page on this website.