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My name is Thea Haavet I am a Christian lady from Oslo Norway, my passions and talents lies in creating moving films by getting access to unique people and making it easy for them to open up and share their stories. I have a desire for creating engaging films about courage, creativity, spirituality and healing, all with the overarching goal of enriching the viewer’s spiritual journey and helping to bring justice and change to areas where oppression and inequity are rife. By knowing just the right questions to ask the healers, spiritual leaders and changemakers of the world, I believe my work is making their profound wisdom accessible and understandable to a global community of viewers.

I am a founder of Soulspace Film, a film production company based in Oslo Norway, which works with a network of award-winning professionals that are passionate about telling stories that matter and inspiring change. My area of specialty is multicultural work that builds bridges and allows viewers from all nationalities and walks of life to get to know people from a variety of cultures and religions

Through my work in places Iraq, Pakistan and Syria making films with a focus on freedom of religion, I believe I can help advice my close friend Prisca and the Iyanna organization through her journey to make a difference in the lives of young girls and their children who are victims of abuse and teen pregnancies.